In the wake of the coronavirus crisis and global shutdown, New Jersey has reopened its shops, businesses, restaurants, and more. Gov. Phil Murphy expects that the state will enter stage three of its reopening within weeks; however, the daily cases has dropped by 78 percent since the day of reopening. It was officially under ‘stage two’ when indoor retail and outdoor dining restarted. Regardless of the reasons, the government has decided to take important steps to have control over the number of COVID-19 positive cases and secure the health of its people. However, the risks are still very high.

COVID-19 testing centers in New Jersey

Testing capacity needs to be doubled to secure the health of a large number of people in New Jersey. Keeping this thing in mind, the number of COVID-19 testing centers in New Jersey has been increased. While increasing the access, testing has made available for everyone in the state. There are more than 250 testing sites across NJ. These sites are offering free testing. This has reported easier, quicker, and more test results as it is on the brink of increasing 100,000 cases of the new coronavirus disease. People would not need to wait for a long time of two weeks to get confirmation of their tests. These results now take only 5 to 7 days. It will help the government to stop the boomerang outbreaks. Various test labs, institutions, and governments have come up to provide the accurate testing facility.

Labs started conducting FDA approved 180,000 tests that came with an outcome of 44% positivity. Labs will help in increasing the number of tests on a daily basis with an initial focus on maintaining the health of residents in New Jersey. It will mirror the state’s goal to increase testing capacity in communities to help build data and capture the virus rate. These centers will remain open to all county residents without or without symptoms of the COVID-19. So, there would be enough facilities to test people and take preventative measurements. It is available for first responders and healthcare workers. Interested person can directly log on to a website and then searching for a COVID-19 scheduling link. This will show NJ a better future with a minimal number of infected people.

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