With every passing year, laboratories are witnessing growth in the number of samples being processed. As a result, it builds additional stress for maintaining efficiency, handling laboratory data, accessing reporting requirements, and sustaining low costs. This is where the role of LIMS comes in light. The software can satisfy the diverse needs of various organizations where laboratories are part of their functions.

Numerous laboratories have adopted the power of automation, advancement, innovation, and ease provided by LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System. The tool is highly efficient in automating your repetitive tasks, maintaining accuracy, and increasing productivity. However, the software is unable to provide a uniform interface that obtains the data from tools to store them in a database. Many LIMS may claim to interface instruments, but the purpose may be specific. Prolis provides its clients with a solution that works in organizing output information obtained from different instruments. Here’s why lab instrument interfacing is so important.

Improves Data Integrity:

With interfacing, the software increases the quality and integrity of your data. It eliminates the chances of errors in any step, right from data transfer to output. Removal of errors can augment the quality of results and information.

You can also resolve the problem of the collection and storage of information from the instruments to the data system by interfacing your instruments with Prolis.

Increases Productivity:

You can improve the performance and productivity of your staff members. It eliminates the manual processing of data. It automates the process of copying and pasting data from your lab instruments to your clinical laboratory information system, thus saving time and effort.

In the case of bi-directional interfacing, you will save time in entering results and other parameters into the system. Efficacy remains the key objective in all laboratories and quality control. It is also the primary goal of all diagnostic laboratories.

Advances User Satisfaction:

One of the best ways to improve satisfaction among lab technicians is by integrating your lab instruments with LIMS. It makes a significant difference in their procedures. It raises LIMS acceptance among your technicians and increases their satisfaction quotient.

Faster Output Generation:

Machine interfacing analyzes given samples quickly and generates quality results within a lesser duration of time. It can deliver you ultimate patient satisfaction and help your laboratory grow faster. When machines are interfaced properly with your LIMS system, it can make your medical billing process faster, so you can process a large number of requirements.

Some other exclusive benefits of the feature include staying co-ordinated, thinking creatively, and reducing manual error, and a lot more. If your diagnostic instruments are not interfaced with your LIMS, this is the best time. Get an advanced clinical laboratory system to advance all the functions of your laboratory. Contact us and learn how our medical billing software and LIMS solution will help you achieve success.