Automating Your Laboratory


Prolis is an innovative solution designed to meet the  clinical and operational needs of your laboratory. With a unique, uni-structural and specimen driven approach, our intuitive platform offers easy and flexible custom configurations.

Our medical lab software is designed with flexibility in mind, providing core functionality for both start-up and high-volume labs.

Is Prolis the solution for your facility?


Prolis is a lean laboratory automation solution built to meet the requirements of the modern lab. Whether you’re a start up laboratory needing only a few tests and analyzers or a large laboratory handling large amounts of testing, we tailor the automation to your lab.

Physician Office

Automate a lab to your practice. Precision medicine is defined as computational science and medicine.

Clinical Laboratory

Start up labs, Toxicology & Reference labs. We know your pain, which is why we automate your operation and give you a sales portal. 


For robust testing and high volume automation and interfacing.

Rehab & Treatment

Rehab & Treatment centers regularly monitor laboratory data. If your center wants in-house testing, we automate your process and deliver your clients professional reports.

Genetic Facility

Whether its DNA testing or pharmacogentics, automate and report to your patient or involved caregivers. 

Cannabis Facility

Test cannabinoid and THC levels on your pharmaceutical therapies and report to your clients.