Clinical Laboratory Information System

Clinical Laboratory Information System: Redefining Roles in Healthcare

There is no end to the responsibilities of a physician in a clinic. Undoubtedly, fulfilling each exhausts them and also impacts their physical & mental wellness. Therefore, to lessen their burden, there could be nothing better than letting others do the important things, apart from attending patients visiting the clinic. Talking here about the first part, it mainly includes billing, maintaining patients’ records, follow-ups, keeping a check on inventories. Without a question apart from demanding your undivided attention, all the aforementioned tasks are time taking processes. Hence, availing assistance would be a better option to opt.

However, having a helping hand for long hours or every time is not feasible. Therefore, at this point, nothing would be better than upgrading the infrastructure & equipping it with the Clinical Laboratory Information System. It clearly is not a simple time-saving software but a great solution to overcome the challenges that can be from trivial to critical, that often occurs in day-to-day operation. Reading this might raise many questions in your mind about how this is really redefining the roles in healthcare. To calm your curiosity, below we are mentioning its usefulness briefly. Take a fleeting look for making up your mind to invest in them & gain better ROI.

Here, in the first place, we would simply define the LIS

Do not get confused by the acronym as the LIS is often also called LIMS. To understand it in simple terms, this is a software that stores, processes & also manages the data involved in every medical practice & lab test. This will help you get rid of the traditional method of handling the database & other important records related to the laboratory & clinic patient too.

Now here highlighting the features of LIMS as mentioned earlier

Patient Management

The heading itself specifies a lot here. The moment a patient walks into the healthcare facility this software comes into action assisting the medical executive. From entering their details making them permanently save in the database to numbering them for the diagnosis by doctors it takes care of it all. Furthermore, the task becomes much easier when it comes to saving their details related to the tests recommended by the doctors & also labeling respective samples. Moreover, at the time of requirement for further assessment retrieving the details saves time. The advantage does not end here, the LIMS also allows keeping track of the entire process i.e. from the collection to screening.

Quality Assurance

This feature shows the ideal method & necessary level of quality to be maintained for the lab test process. With this, the result will come out to be precise and without any error. It will also eliminate the need for re-tests in case of any discrepancies. In addition to this, the analysis of the data will also help in the betterment of the laboratory. In terms of updating the latest methods to follow for improving the quality of laboratory tests.

These are a few of the primary functionalities that are bringing significant changes in the healthcare-related laboratories. Such factors undoubtedly will increase the speed of the procedure for patients’ diagnosis & treatment and specimen or sample testing. Nonetheless, to acquire all the foremost factors which are important, it is necessary to equip the facility with a reliable & robust Clinical Laboratory Information System. And, for this, trusting a reputable name would be the smart decision the organization can take for itself.

Thus, do the needful research, take note of LIMS integrated features & functionality it can perform before investing?

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