FAQs related to Prolis Laboratory Information System (LIS)

What is Prolis LIS?

Prolis LIS is a laboratory information management system designed to streamline laboratory workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance data accuracy.

What features does Prolis LIS offer?

Prolis LIS offers a range of customizable features, including sample tracking, instrument interfacing, data management and reporting, quality control, and inventory management.

Does Prolis LIS provide training and support?

Yes, Prolis LIS provides comprehensive training and support to help users get the most out of the system. This includes on-site training, webinars, and technical support.

Can I customize Prolis LIS to meet my specific needs?

Yes, Prolis LIS is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific needs and requirements.

How can I purchase Prolis LIS?

To purchase Prolis LIS, interested parties can contact the company directly through their website or by phone to discuss pricing and other details.

What types of laboratories is Prolis LIS suitable for?

Prolis LIS is suitable for a wide range of laboratories, including pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental testing, food & beverage, and veterinary labs.

What are the benefits of using Prolis LIS?

The benefits of using Prolis LIS include improved efficiency, enhanced data accuracy, streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs.

Is Prolis LIS secure?

Yes, Prolis LIS is secure and meets all relevant industry standards and regulations. The system includes robust security safeguards to protect sensitive data.

Does Prolis LIS offer a trial version?

No, Prolis LIS does not currently offer a trial version of its software. However, they do offer a demo to allow potential users to explore the features and capabilities of the system.

Is Prolis LIS compatible with other software systems?

Yes, Prolis LIS is compatible with a range of other software systems commonly used in laboratories, including electronic medical record (EMR) and laboratory information system (LIS) platforms.