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PROLIS Lab Analyzer Interfaces

Components to communicate with Laboratory Equipments Prolis employs Laboratory Equipment Interfaces written to the specifications of the respective equipment. With few exceptions, all of interfaces are based on ASTM standards of E-1381, low level protocol and E-1394, a high level protocol.​True random access lab analyzers like general chemistry (Olympus, LX-20 and similar) and special chemistry (Axsym, Immulute and similar) usually support bidirectional interfaces where analyzer reads the tube barcode inquire LIS System for the test orders and receive them, analyses the sample and report back the results to the Lab Information System. Lab Analyzers like hematology (Cell-Dyn, Coulter and similar) and Urinalysis (Clinitek) may optionally use barcodes for the specimen identification but don’t inquire the LIS Software for orders as all the times whole CBC and urinalysis is assumed to be performrd. In either of both cases, Prolis transparently applies the dowloaded results following the accession ID, without much interaction from the user.

PROLIS Lab Analyzer List

Lab analyzers Interfaced with PROLIS

Prolis offers bidirectional (Orders and Results), a robust Interface software, as an automation Prolis component. The user places all the tubes with serum poured in it and labeled with the barcode generated during the in lab or remote accession (via Outreach), on to the Carousel and presses the ‘START’ button.​