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Like any other industry, laboratories are not self-contained. This ever-growing industry has many challenges and solutions to come through. Laboratory Information System is one such solution that has been helping the industry with excellent features over the past couple of decades. The system helps you to keep a record of essential datasets which include test samples, results, patient data, machine information, and various particulars. MERGE was resourceful LIS software known for advanced clinical imaging management, toolkit solutions, interoperability, and other advanced functionalities used in the domains of radiology, orthopedics, eye care, and cardiology.

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Professional Laboratory Information System

The software has now disappeared from the market creating a fear among the laboratory owners. Therefore, these individuals look for a better alternative to the software in order to efficiently run their labs. If you are one among those seekers, you are in the right place! We, at Prolis, provide a comprehensive laboratory information management system which improves functions, performance, data management, and sets a benchmark of success of your laboratory. Our PROLIS LIMS solution turns your laboratory data into electronic medical records that can be accessed in real-time and saved for the future as well. Currently, we have hundreds of clients working with our efficient LIMS software. So you can trust Prolis for the very smooth and precise functioning of your labs.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Why Should You Migrate To Prolis LIMS Software?

Prolis is the best tool to fulfill your laboratory needs quickly, flawlessly, and easily. You can trust the software for extensively long-term benefits for your laboratories. We know that when a laboratory thinks of investing in a LIMS, it often expects the software to be more effectual and productive to produce impeccable outputs. It needs a system to store a huge amount of data, results, tests, processes, and much more. We at Prolis gives you access to one of the best LIMS systems available in the market. The software inexplicably improves and streamlines operations. It is built to meet the advanced and diversified requirements of the modern era. The software benefits different domains that include:

PROLIS Features That Help You Grow

For a very long time, we have been helping clients from these fields successfully. Prolis automates the entire process, integrates work instruments, and manages samples, and associated information and much more. The software reduces the risks of mistakes through a fully automated reporting system. A fully automated LIS quickly create reports and schedule delivery for analysis.

  • Lab Rules & User Role Based Operation
  • Client Service Routines
  • Lab & EMR Integration
  • Multiple Reporting Media
  • Manual & Automated Resulting Tools
  • Downstream Data Analysis
  • Physician Custom Panels
  • Outreach, Auto-fax, Hl7 / PDF Interfaces
  • Lab & EMR Integration
  • Integrated Primary & Secondary Billing
  • AR Management & Reports
  • Payer Rules-based Scrubber
  • Custom Reports Engine
  • Calculation & Reflexing
  • System Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Medical Necessity Search For A Physician
  • Laboratory Barcode System
  • Manual & Automated EOB / Payments


How to Migrate To Prolis?

It’s time to automate your laboratory with one of the highly trustworthy, valuable, and functional laboratory information management systems. The modern and advanced functionalities of PROLIS allow labs to explore powerful features of the LIMS software for their lab processes. When looking for Merge replacement LIS, you must take care of datasets. These datasets need to be migrated from your Merge account to PROLIS. But before that, you need to get it thoroughly examined by LIMS experts for maximizing the value of the new LIMS.

At PROLIS, our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your lab requirements, work-flow, lab informatics architecture, and unique needs. With our proven methodology and fundamental processes, we can guide you with the migration process. At PROLIS, we work with a highly experienced and talented team that validates and customizes a LIMS solution in accordance with your lab needs. Our LIMS caters to your needs without a glitch and lets you experience the best of advanced technology.



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