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“Prolis experience at Ayass Lung Clinic”
Overall: since having prolis at our facility it has made running our lab a lot simpler. Its capabilities of communicating with our machines has saved the technologists a lot of work from entering each patients information one by one. Prolis uploads the patients information and tests to run to each machine and transmits results back to prolis. This has saved me time and errors from typing up reports one by one. I recommend prolis to small and large labs . Customer Support has been very helpful with implementation and continues to answer all my questions even to this day . I give prolis 5 stars . Thank you

Nagin P.


“Prolis Lab Information System”
Overall: Prolis Clinical Lab Information System addresses most requirements which a modern lab would want. It has great features. From accessioning, communicating with the different Lab Analyzers, reporting to the Hospital Information System, communicating with ordering clinics, alerts it covers almost all requirements for a Lab. User interface is standard and easily adaptable. The design is practical as it eliminates the chances of a user making mistakes in entering data. Verification of data is done at many levels. I think it is a great software for the LABS which covers all requirements of a modern clinical lab for serving patients and ordering clients as well. Price wise it is a value for money.

Hifa Q.

Office Manager

THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have never made a request to ASSC that was rejected right off the bat. As a company you are always willing to try to find a solution to my problem(s) or to find a way do things better, make our customers happy or what we are able to do, better. Previous LIMS company was happy to cash our installation and set-up check and then leave us to figure out what we need on our own, or to “reference the manual” but Once we were installed with Prolis, cust support was on the phone (or remoting in to our computers) daily (sometimes multiple times a day) if we needed him to make sure we were comfortable with what we needed to do in the lab, as well as that our clients were being serviced as needed. We moved from a LIMS system to Prolis, the AASSC team made sure that transition was as smooth as possible. We have been using AsSC, Prolis for a little over a year and we have clients compliment us on how simple “Outreach” is to use compared to other laboratory’s LIMS web portals. Regardless of the time of night or day, if i need help, someone is there or will cal lme back until they know I don’t need help anymore!

Brittany J.

Laboratory Supervisor

It is a great software for small as well big laboratories. It cut down time in reporting the results and communicating them to the doctors as well allowed for easy transfer all the billing data with no transcription errors and etc. It basically covers all the laboratory needs, from accessioning the patient information, through the testing to the reporting and charging.
Pros: It is easy to use and navigate. It connects through all the departments of the laboratory including: chemistry, hematology, microbiology and pathology. It allows to increase efficiency, cut down the costs of running lab departments as well minimalize transcription errors. It also simplifies the laboratory daily operations through saving money on different methods and testes. The customer service is great and it’s price is good for the value it provides.

Naseema a

Lab Admin

“Very good so far.”
Overall: We are using the system for last 4-5 months. We might provide more insight as we explore Prolis
Pros: The service is great and fast. The quick response to any question or demand or problem we have. The help that the employee of Prolis are providing for my staff anytime we call. we were never on hold when we call, friendly use of Prolis. Quick results and easy access to any data I need for management. It was a great and worth every penny. My techs like everything

Arvind M.




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