Revenue Cycle Management

Prolis promotes and automates correct coding methodologies and controls improper coding that leads to inappropriate payment. Our software includes reporting, analytics, contract management, denial and appeal management, market analysis, and much more, which make it an ideal selection for your lab’s billing management. With the software, you are free to broaden your horizons and grow persistently.

Billing Tools

Our software gives you access to the best medical billing and coding services that help you reduce the costs and improve the margins. With our highly proficient software, you can migrate the risks of non-compliance, improve patient satisfaction, transit to value-added care, and improve financial performance greatly. We are the leader of billing and practice management. Choose us for the best billing tool!

Lab Billing Editor

The Laboratory Billing Editor is the tool for laboratories who want to bill on patient-to-patient bases and whose medical necessity file is not complete. The biller has full control over each element of the billing like provider’s data, patient data, ICD9, pointers, the CPT codes and even the charges.

Pre-Billing Report

This billing problem diagnostic tool is to be used before performing any billing to identify any possible causes for the claim denials.

This laboratory billing tool identifies the problems like provider’s missing data, patient’s missing data, missing ICD9 codes, incompatible medical necessity, zero-priced components, best services and much more.

Optimize Your Laboratory’s Revenue with Our Powerful Billing Tool


With every passing year, laboratories are facing challenges in various revenue related tasks. If you are among those laboratories, we are here to help you. Let’s take a look at what we can do for you-

At Prolis, we provide a highly competent and capable revenue cycle management tool which increases the profitability of your laboratory while simplifying the operations. This comprehensive and highly automated system significantly enhances efficacy, improves the medical cycle billing process, eliminates financial errors, and increases cash collection. That’s how it helps you. We know that lab service providers look for a system that can help them with seamless connectivity and great control over financial operations. Our solution delivers value to your billing practices.

Our Lab Software includes a comprehensive user-friendly laboratory billing module that functions under the CMS guidelines. The module incorporates a specific routine that makes the candidate tests/services to be billed ready, with options to consider the results, QNS, lab accidents, tests not performed (suppressed) or even skipped. When you use the software for your laboratory’s diversified need, you actually improve the three main factors: cash, control, and compliance. We have helped hundreds of laboratories to streamline their billing process.

Whether you are an independent laboratory or a hospital-owned laboratory, our revenue cycle management tool is simply the best for you. Take a look at some of the very advanced and advantageous features for more simplified tasks:

  • You always need a smart system to automate the workflow, ensure clean claim submissions, take less possible time, and systematize document storage management options. With the software, you can track the claims that can be reimbursed instantly.
  • The software designed with the technology which keeps stakeholders connected. The software seamlessly and transparently remains updated so it can give you access to the most promising features to run your laboratory productively.
  • The software gives you the flexibility to accommodate new requirements. It lets you work with improved quality and compliance
  • Our software delivers business intelligence and reporting features to support your laboratory’s model. It comes with the best business intelligence capabilities with features of quarterly benchmark, data visualization option, key performance indicators, machine learning power analytics, and much more.
  • The software makes it easy for patients to make payments that are associated with larger deductibles and coinsurance.

If your existing software is no longer advanced or satisfactory to meet your needs, it’s time to switch to the most supportable, modern, proven, and comprehensive alternative that we have. Upgrading your laboratory process is what you should do now.

Prolis is an all-in-one solution for your revenue management needs. We believe your data should be fully connected and accurate to deliver you the best results. Get this revenue cycle management software today! Give us a call to request a free demo. We would love to hear from you!