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Why LIMS is Important for Your Laboratory?

Rethinking laboratory processes can help you do more works in less time with accuracy and to draw higher value from the dollars spent. Automation in the form of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is an effective way to improve lab processes, optimize workflows, and reduce turnaround times and consistency. LIMS is a way to collect lab data and store and organize them in a way that the information can be easily accessed, retrieved or viewed by concerned authorities. That being said, here are the reasons that explain why LIMS solution is important for your laboratory.

Increases Efficiency and Throughput

Besides testing and conducting researches, laboratories have another goal – to make profits for the organization. Without making profits, labs would cease to operate. A feature-rich, powerful, scalable, and customizable LIMS solution can help you increase productivity and efficiency on an individual level and organization-wide. With a central database and information organized properly, lab assistants, technicians, and researchers won’t have to waste time locating sample data. There are a full suite of configuration tools available with LIMS solutions that provide you an easy way to define workflows of your lab and design screens, menu and report terminologies. Automating data-entry tasks, data extraction, and analysis eliminate human errors and improve throughput.

Save Time and Money

Time is money. We all agree with it. Previously, labs used to manually enter data into Spreadsheets, which is a really time-consuming work. Today, advanced laboratory information management systems are available that can improve the quality and speed of data collected, analyzed, and reported. Record-keeping is automated, which saves you time. More accurate information will help you avoid re-doing the same research or testing again and again. Sometimes, poor quality lab results or products negatively affect the organization’s reputation. But LIMS saves you from these concerns by providing you quality data just when you need them. An effective LIMS solution comes integrated with billing software which enables you to automate customer and third-party billing, manage invoices and accounting, and cut unnecessary expenses, thus saving you money.

Increase Revenue

LIMS solutions come equipped with advanced analytics feature. You can drill down into the stored data to drive powerful insights, identify bottlenecks, analyze trends, and make better decisions. Visual dashboards in a LIMS software convert lab data into easy-to-understand reports that are essential for planning and strategizing future projects, predict what’s next, and enrich lab operations. All these things will ultimately drive your revenue and bottom line.

LIMS is a perfect solution for:

  • Labs handling R&D for any industry
  • Water treatment plants
  • Genetics and forensics lab
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Industrial chemical testing facilities
  • Food and beverage safety organizations
  • Environmental research facilities
  • Medical and pharma companies

What to look for in a LIMS Solution?

  • If it is scalable
  • Available features
  • Add-on features
  • Customizable or not
  • If it will integrate with your existing system
  • If it is suitable for your lab

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) helps laboratories of different industries and size automate their data management process. From data entry, storage, billing to reports, a LIMS solution can make data more valuable for your organization. Save time and money, increase revenue and improve efficiency and productivity by purchasing a powerful LIMS solution for your lab today.

PROLIS is an intuitive and easy-to-use LIMS solution designed with flexibility in mind. From daily administrative tasks, billing, to data analysis, PROLIS assists labs to do what they do in the best way possible.

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