An Ideal Laboratory Billing Software For Comprehensive Needs Of Medical Billing


Every healthcare facility deals with payer billing and reimbursement and so do medical laboratories. From understanding payer contract limits to processing claims, the individuals at the laboratories need to improve their workflow, strategies, productivity, and efficiency to maintain profits and outcomes. Quite a large number of laboratories find it difficult to maintain the workflow, and that’s why, we are here to help them. If you are one of those, you are in the right place; our solution is perfect for you!

At Prolis, we have highly advanced and beneficial laboratory billing software that helps labs to achieve greater efficiency and enhance productivity for overall processes. Our medical billing software can benefit independent laboratories, hospitals, physician offices, rehab & treatment, genetic facility, and cannabis facility, and various other domains. From the year of establishment, we have helped hundreds of labs with our ultra-efficient software that has given them full control over their businesses. We have worked to deliver optimal customer satisfaction through our well-organized billing software. We ensure that our billing software will dramatically simplify your billing or invoicing related complexities.


Why Does Our Medical Billing Software Make An Ideal Choice For You?


The software is designed to be friendly to the needs of lab workers and they can easily access essential data, reporting, performance tracking, and much more. The dashboard consisting of analytics and powerful features streamlines the entire process and communication between the facilities and payers. Our software is an ideal financial management or billing management software to automate every invoicing task. The software lets you work for many purposes which include-

  • Data conversion from one system to another
  • Customized fee scheduling feature for patient & doctors
  • Automated reporting and patient statement
  • Secure payment directly through the statement
  • Real-time claim tracking and robust claim denial management
  • Creation of unique records to identify the right patient
  • Comprehensive EDI with a 99% success rate
  • 24*7 easy access to the data stored on the cloud
  • Reporting and benchmarking for a clear picture of lab performance


Our Laboratory Billing Software Supports Your Business In Every Way!


Our Software Focuses More On Business Than Technical Set-Up:


Not every healthcare organization has budget and resources to maintain software and hardware infrastructure. Keeping this thing in mind, we have created a cloud-based system for labs that enables them to work anytime, anywhere with no stress. This highly secure system ensures optimal financial security and data safety.


The Software Streamlines The Workflow From Sampling To Payment Everything:


Our lab information management system with efficient billing features provides you a single source of data entry. The information flow is fast and more accurate for data processing. It saves your time so you can focus on producing more opportunities. The software integrates everything along with LIMS technologies to make data management an easy and hassle-free job.


It makes an ideal choice for high productivity in a great volume environment:


Regardless of the level and complexities of the task, our medical billing software lets you simplify the tasks. It captures and processes the charges throughout the claim. You can handle any task of billing management from a centralized location while separating the works and reporting. Our medical billing software allows you to manage inbound and outbound faxes, assign custom collection work-lists to the billing staff, streamline invoicing to get paid easily, and much more.


Authoritative Features to Contribute to Practice Management:


Our motive is to assist your facility to enhance practice management. We provide your team with extensive training as you switch our platform. We have a team of highly supportive customer representatives to help assist you with platform navigation and other important functions. With this offering, we constantly focus on improving the customer experience.


Get Ready To Streamline Your Finances With Our Medical Billing Software!


In simple words, our laboratory billing software will do many things than just working on the invoice or financial part. This remarkably automates and integrates every feature of billing to run your laboratory easier than ever. Everything that you require for a smooth and hassle-free billing process is available with our highly efficient laboratory billing software. Now is the right time to buy the medical billing software. Contact our team to request a free demo, today. Our team would take extra interest to help you with your customized needs. Contact us, now!