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If you are looking to simplify your lab’s functions, we are here to help you! Prolis is an innovative laboratory information system designed to meet the clinical and operational needs of your laboratory. Our customizable and configurable laboratory information management system can make your lab work smoothly. Our software comes with a set of highly advanced features that save your time, money, and efforts to a great extent.

The system gives you full control of your laboratory and allows your team to be more productive at work. From finding any information to organizing the data to preparing reports, the lab information system makes everything extremely easy. With a unique, uni-structural and specimen-driven approach, our intuitive platform offers easy and custom configurations. The software has a user-friendly interface to allow an individual to manage each and everything trouble-free. At Prolis, we strive hard to deliver you a more digital and connected experience. Here’s what you get in return with your purchase of our clinical laboratory information system:

  • Digital delivery of reports
  • Complete mobile experience
  • Easy management for multiple locations
  • Data integrity, total security, & scalability
  • Billing and invoicing module
  • Business intelligence, customer management
  • Publication tracker, inventory management
  • Easy setup, barcode, scanning order tracking

Is Prolis the solution for your facility?


Prolis, a performance-driven laboratory information management system, is a lean laboratory automation solution built to meet the requirements of modern labs. Whether you’re a startup laboratory needing only a few tests and analyzers or a large laboratory handling large amounts of testing, we tailor the automation solution to suit your lab needs. We understand that laboratories need to be more flexible to meet varied needs and that’s exactly Prolis does for you. It caters to your needs of today and tomorrow making your data more integrated and secured with us. Our medical lab software is designed with flexibility in mind, providing core functionality for both start-up and high-volume labs.

The software has extensive features that connect your instrumentation and systems. We make it extremely easy for you to drive your lab easily. Quite a large number of labs have already been benefiting with our world-class laboratory information system. Here is how Prolis helps various laboratories to automate their processes:

Physician Office

Our robust laboratory information management system can be used by physician offices and nursing homes. The web-based scheduling tools help physicians to maximize their reimbursement, increase patient safety, advance reporting, improve workflow, and much more. The software is a complete solution for a physician’s lab management requirements.

Clinical Laboratory

It becomes quite hard for startup labs, toxicology & reference labs to improve workflow and get total connectivity. We have the best clinical laboratory information system to help these laboratories out of the dilemma. We know your pain, which is why we automate your operation and give you a sales portal to manage everything.


We understand that hospitals need solutions that can produce more accurate and efficient results. Our laboratory information system is capable of fetching precise outputs. The software provides robust testing and high volume automation and interfacing. With our high-performance solution, hospitals can capitalize on advanced technology and digitization.

Rehab & Treatment

Rehab & treatment centers regularly monitor laboratory data. If your center wants in-house testing, we automate your process and deliver your clients’ professional reports. The software automates all types of analytic activities, eliminate manual involvement, and reduce all possibilities of human error to let you access to more accurate information or professional reports.

Genetic Facility

Constant advancement in genetics results in increased ordered tests. The amount of data for genetic laboratories also increases at the same pace. Our excellent laboratory information management system comes with a range of genetic tools that manage large volumes of data, complexities, and interpretations. Whether it is DNA testing or pharmacogenetics, automate the workflow and report to your patient or involved caregivers.

Cannabis Facility

Our lab information system can help you to improve the efficiency of tests like cannabinoids, pesticides, moisture, fungi, terpenes, and THC. Our cloud-based lab information management system helps to automate the workflow and gets more precise information.

Our excellent laboratory information management system can work for different laboratories having varied needs and purposes. To request a free demo, contact our customer care support now!


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