Clinical Laboratory software

Clinical Laboratory Software – Simplifying Medical Functions

Clinical laboratory softwares is a tool that helps in automating a lot of manual processes that happen at the doctor’s clinic. Medical science and technology go hand-in-hand and this tool is a live proof. It makes the entire process of storing patient information like personal details, contact information, medical history, any medical procedures, etcetera very easy and convenient.

This lab software helps in various processes that one goes through at a clinic – like Financial Transactions, Patient Information and History, Reporting, etc. It also helps in booking, cancelling or rescheduling patient appointments. And hence, it is beneficial for both patients and well as the staff at the clinic.

Some of the features provided by this tool are as mentioned below:

  • Having all the patient information like new patient registration, appointments, medical billing, medical history, vitals, etc. at a single place without any manual work helps in keeping the information accurate. It is also a very user-friendly software and does not require the staff to learn anything complex for operating it.

  • The software has a feature which allows sending email/SMS to the patient regarding the results of their tests which makes it very convenient for the patients.

  • Clinical laboratory softwares also allows the printing of reports, patient information, etc. if required.

  • Taking help from technology reduces a lot of human error and stores accurate information at a single place which reduces a lot of extra effort that manual process might require.

  • Since the patient information is all on a portal, it can accessed via any location. For example, if a patient is traveling and becomes sick and visits a doctor for an emergency in different state. All the patient’s medical history and allergies can be viewed by the doctor, nurses at the other clinic and provide him with the appropriate treatment.

  • The tool allows you to create reports based on the requirement per patient. For example, if a patient has a recurring issue, then the software tracks the details of the issue per month. What medicines/treatment was given, what is the improvement and so on.

  • The lab software also provides a graphical representation of reports that  generated based on different parameters.

  • Software also has a feature of live agents in case if there is something wrong with the software.  The user requires immediate help, they can contact the live agent and get the issue resolve quickly.

  • The additional benefit to this software is that it is a cloud based software. So it does not require you to manually back up the information after every few days which saves a lot of time and manual work.

  • For patients who have to take certain medications regularly but require a prescription from the doctor. They can get an e-prescription from the doctor which saves patients time as well as the doctor’s time.

It has become an absolute necessity to merge technology with our lifestyle. Using this software helps the patients, doctors and the clinic staff in multiple ways and makes the entire process much more transparent and trustworthy.

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