Reference Laboratory LIS

Streamline Your Workflow with Prolis Reference Laboratory LIS

Prolis Reference Laboratory LIS provides an efficient and centralized platform to meet your laboratory needs. Our powerful platform allows you to streamline workflows and optimize processes, reducing the turnaround time (TAT) and effort required to complete tasks. With our comprehensive suite of features and tools, you can be sure that your laboratory is operating at peak efficiency. With Prolis’ Reference Laboratory LIS, you can streamline your analytical processes and automate routine tasks. Prolis LIS allows you to store, manage, and analyze data quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for manual data entry. With Prolis LIS, you can be sure that your processes are running smoothly, quickly, and accurately.

Prolis Reference Laboratory LIS uses advanced technology to accelerate results, allowing laboratories to complete tasks faster than ever before. Our intuitive platform enables laboratories to quickly access the information and data they need, improving the accuracy and speed of results. Our platform also allows for easy sharing and collaboration, allowing for better decision-making and increased productivity.

What is a Reference Lab?

Reference laboratories are essential in the healthcare sector, offering their expertise and advanced specimen testing to support clinical decision-making. An important tool that helps facilitate this is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIS). A LIS is software designed to coordinate all aspects of the specimen collection and lab testing process in order to maintain accurate records and minimize errors. It provides a single repository for all specimen data, making it available to other laboratory staff members and allowing for more efficient specimen throughput. When paired with rigorous practices from specimen intake to processing, the LIS system in a reference lab can maximize specimen quality, increase test reliability, reduce turnaround time, improve workflow efficiency and ensure compliance with industry standards.

These software programs can be designed for any size lab, providing functionality for specimen tracking, ordering, result processing, and report generation. Having such tools at your disposal helps streamline the lab workflow and provides necessary data organization needed to sustain in today's digital world.

Why Choose Prolis LIS for Clinical Reference Laboratory

Prolis Reference Laboratory LIS is a comprehensive solution for laboratories. Our software is designed with a customizable system that allows you to tailor the system to meet the specific needs of your laboratory.

Laboratory Information System

How Prolis helps various laboratories to automate their processes

Our robust laboratory information management system can be used by physician offices and nursing homes. The web-based scheduling tools help physicians to maximize their reimbursement, increase patient safety, advance reporting, improve workflow, and much more. The software is a complete solution for a physician’s lab management requirements.

It becomes quite hard for startup labs, toxicology & reference labs to improve workflow and get total connectivity. We have the best clinical laboratory information system to help these laboratories out of the dilemma. We know your pain, which is why we automate your operation and give you a sales portal to manage everything.

We understand that hospitals need solutions that can produce more accurate and efficient results. Our laboratory information system is capable of fetching precise outputs. The software provides robust testing, tracking samples and high volume automation and interfacing. With our high-performance solution, hospitals can capitalize on advanced technology and digitization.

Rehab & treatment centers regularly monitor laboratory data. If your center wants in-house testing, we automate your process and deliver your clients’ professional reports. The software automates all types of analytic activities, eliminate manual involvement, and reduce all possibilities of human error to let you access to more accurate information or professional reports.

Constant advancement in genetics results in increased ordered tests. The amount of associated data for genetic laboratories also increases at the same pace. Our excellent laboratory information management systems comes with a range of genetic tools that manage large volumes of data, complexities, and interpretations. Whether it is DNA testing or pharmacogenetics, automate the workflow and report to your patient or involved caregivers.

Laboratory information system can help you to improve the efficiency of tests like cannabinoids, pesticides, moisture, fungi, terpenes, and THC. Our cloud-based lab information management system helps to automate the workflow and gets more precise information with regulatory compliance. This excellent laboratory information management system can work for different laboratories having varied needs and purposes. To request a free demo, contact our customer care support now!

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