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How to Choose Best Laboratory Information System?

What are the Criteria for Choosing the Best Laboratory Information System?

LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System, is a solution that addresses data management, sample management, automation, billing, reporting at a laboratory. It helps hospitals, clinics, and healthcare services to efficiently manage laboratory samples, maintain workflows, sample tracking, reporting procedures and tests.

From sample registration to test configuration to validation of results, the system can do everything impeccably. If you are looking to buy the best laboratory information system to match your laboratory needs, consider the below-mentioned criteria to make the best choice.

Understand the Functionalities

There are different ways of sample collection like walk-in sample collection, business-to-business sample collection, franchise-based sample collection, sample collection at home, etc. In all cases, the requirements of laboratories may differ significantly. Before investing in a LIMS, it is important to have a better understanding of your needs.

List down your requirements and cross-check them while going through the list of features of any LIMS solution. Some basic features that you can check are test scheduling, instrumental control, quality control, statistical analysis, resource management, and report generation.

LIMS Mobile Application

If you want to automate your laboratory, integrating LIS with your lab functions is the best way. Mobile apps of laboratory information systems provide a faster and efficient way of computing sample analyses.

If you look around, you would be able to find different types of LIMS systems in the market that help pathologists and lab professionals to manage data from anywhere. That’s how it saves a significant amount of time on the workflow.

Future Laboratory Management

When you select a LIMS software after thorough analysis and study, you make the best choice for the future as well. This is because the needs of your laboratory may change with time. The changing needs of consumers and growing technologies.

It is better to discuss your unique requirements with a team of LIMS experts who can help you select the best laboratory software.

A company dealing with LIMS systems will help you add more locations, types of sample collection, changes in policy, and other important works into your selected clinical laboratory information system.

Support Availability and Security

Your provider is not just limited to the process of implementing the software to your work environment. Make sure that the service provider offers 24*7 support facilities. So, whenever you get difficulties operating the software, you can contact the professionals anytime to resolve the issue instantly and effectively.

The optimal security of your laboratory data should be the main concern. Make sure that your LIMS software safeguards every bit of patient information from any kind of misuse.


In the entire scenario, do not forget to choose cost-efficient software from a reliable provider. Providers like Prolis help various labs, clinics and other healthcare services with a highly advanced, functional, resourceful, and feature-rich. Laboratory information system that improves the overall proficiency of your laboratory and also works as an ideal laboratory billing software.

Prolis is an efficient laboratory information system software that decreases human errors, automate imperative functions, covers compliance standards. Helps your facility to maintain privacy, safety, and regulatory standards. To know more about Prolis software, feel free to contact the company.

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