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Strong organization and attention to detail are beneficial in the smooth running of laboratories of all sizes and disciplines. However, if they are to boost productivity and drive efficiency, a reliable laboratory information system is absolutely critical in effectively managing the multitude of routines and processes involved in the job. Prolis is an innovative laboratory information system software solution designed to meet your clinical and operational needs. With a unique, uni-structural and specimen driven approach, our intuitive platform offers easy and flexible custom configurations. Our system works around you: whether you run a reference lab, a POL or are operating from hospital lab, toxicology lab or genetic testing laboratory. PROLIS incorporates a vast range of testing capabilities to make life simple for busy lab technicians. If you’re looking for clinical lab software that won’t cause disruption to operations during implementation, PROLIS is the laboratory information system of choice. Our, comprehensive, industry-leading LIS offers a modern but easy-to-use solution with streamlined user interface, bringing the costs and time of training for lab personnel down to minimum. License: Prolis Laboratory Information System Software is licensed per SITE with unlimited users and unlimited workstations.

What are the advantages of our Laboratory Information System?

Fuelled by automation and built to meet the requirements of the modern lab, our laboratory information software possesses the capability to be configured in various testing environments. While other medical lab software solutions are built with separate modules for clinical, microbiology and pathology, PROLIS provides one fully-integrated solution in which you can perform a vast range of tests, making it the ideal clinical lab system for multi-disciplinary laboratories.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with our uni-structural Laboratory Information System.

From the day-to-day administrative tasks to clinical testing, the modern laboratory certainly keeps talented lab technicians busy. That’s why we’ve designed PROLIS, an intuitive and expansive yet simple-to-use software solution for the modern laboratory.

Now, you can rely on PROLIS to take care of your everyday needs: be it managing billing clients and suppliers or reporting on test results. Purchase a Prolis Site License and benefit from our user and workstations package; get an outreach domain license that allows for access for your physicians.

Would you like more insight on your sales? Gain access to the sales portal for your laboratory. Our medical lab software is designed with flexibility in mind, providing core functionality for both start-up and high-volume labs. From integrated billing and automated payments to streamline patient scheduling and intelligent reporting capabilities, PROLIS takes care of the procedural work to assist talented medical laboratory professionals to do what they do best.

Prolis Features

PROLIS Accession Routine

Laboratory Information System Accession Routine

Accession routine in PROLIS Laboratory Information System serves to register both the patients experience and the specimen with in-depth detail of the contents. Intuitive technology ensures that lab tests are only ordered when the laboratory information system determines the need for tests from the specimen contents and unique patient information. This Accession Routine integration is easily configurable and can help to mitigate the risk of ordering errors like ordering CBC without received any lavender tube and ordering PSA on female patients. All this integration is configurable. Accession supports the barcode symbology.​.