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PROLIS Soon To Launch Its Software for Veterinary Laboratories

PROLIS has witnessed strong growth in the diagnostic sector and helped a number of clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers from different parts of the country. We are a specialist in lab information and management system (LIMS). With more than 30 years of experience, we have been helping our clients by giving them access to a LIMS system that helps to improve lab efficiency. Our innovative clinical technology has been designed to meet diversified laboratory needs for multidisciplinary labs.

This time, American Soft Solutions Corp. is feeling proud in announcing its extremely advanced, highly operative, and useful Veterinary PROLIS software for veterinary laboratories. The growing role of technology in veterinary practice has encouraged us to come up with a solution that fully embraces the value and profitability of our clients’ in veterinary practice. The software is designed by our experts to improve the diagnostic potential and integrate business functionality both. It would help in providing improved care.

How Our Veterinary PROLIS Will Work To Help Its Users?

Like PROLIS, Veterinary PROLIS will also be a comprehensive laboratory software system to enhance lab performances. It is the same PROLIS; however, it is configured with veterinary configuration to be functional or useful in all species and breeds. It will help our clients to simply various laboratory operations. Other contributing factors are favorable demographics and increased care.

With cutting-edge capabilities and excellent features, the software will drive efficiency by reducing the time and enabling our clients to focus on the advancement of their veterinary services. Here are a few amazing features that Veterinary Prolis will offer:

  • The software system will help your veterinary back-office and veterinarians. It will also help in the training of your technicians and other lab staff. Our members will be veterinary technicians, diagnostic lab managers, technologists, and veterinarians. Everywhere, people are taking care of animals and individuals working for this purpose in universities, government labs, zoos, and private diagnostic labs.
  • Regardless of the type of sampling, the system will produce the most reliable outcomes to start the handling. It will meet all safety requirements, provide technical support on interpreting lab results, and deliver reports of test results, data management, and data analysis.
  • The software is designed to meet the specific needs of clients and assist in the project for setting up qualified veterinary labs. It will implement test methods for serology, pathology, toxicology, clinical chemistry, molecular biology, and more.
  • Remote accessing, integrated billing with Accounts Receivable features, auditing, reporting, search tools, and various other features will make the software handy and hassle-free for our clients.
  • Our highly advantageous software will give you full control over low revenues, unproductive hours, and high expenses that dramatically affect the profit potential.

In more simple words, the software will work best for your needs. Veterinary PROLIS laboratory software is going to be launched soon. Wait for its arrival. Till then, stay tuned!

For more information, feel free to contact us. Our professionals will provide you more detailed information about this new software.

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